Hi, guys! Maja here.
I'm a Polish girl who loves drawing, reading and enjoys good food and drinking tea. I'm also a girl scout.

I love manga and anime though I'm kinda into other cultures as well. Currently my fandoms are: Shingeki no Kyojin, Harry Potter, Kuroshitsuji, the whole serie about Ender and The Hunger Games.
I just love recieving asks

Languages spoken: Polish, English, French, German, Japanese comprehensively.
author: she didn't want to eat dinner because she doesn't like chicken noodle soup
english teacher: even though it doesn't say it, we can infer that 17 years ago she encountered an attack from chickens while on a trip to africa visiting her great aunt who was dying from pneumonia which she got from chickens that were being harvested for the great feast
tumblr: lol fukin stupid teacher
loki: blinks
tumblr: do you see this? do you see that blink? that fucking blink. it shows how much pain he has inside of him. look at him. all he wants is his father to love him. look at the tears that he is holding back. he's never been the favorite son, he always knew that he didn't belong. this is the fucking blink that makes me love loki. he's not a villain. he's just a scared, lonely child.
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a shipper and a non-shipper watching a show together.


This is so accurate it hurts


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Artist: I wanna draw.
Artist: But I don't want to draw.
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Drive Through

Instructions unclear



Drive Through

Instructions unclear

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Tokyo Ghoul - Live AU

So I can’t live either without you or with you



this made me smile so much

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Album art
  • Artist: Damien Rice
  • Album: 9
  • Track: 9 Crimes

click to play

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*doesn’t have internet access for a week*


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